Tour Snorkeling and Caves

  • Destination: Monkey Head, Palmares Island, Papagayo Gulf, Pelonas Island, Playa Huevos
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: $350

Price: $ 350 1-4 people, more than 4 people, the price is $ 50 additional

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This tour lasts approximately 4 hours, in which, during this tour we will see beautiful scenery and a variety of marine species. We are also intrigued with the incredible image of a rock carved by nature, near which we have a chance to see turtles, manta rays and dolphins, jumping and swimming near the boat in a white sand beach, were you find your self immersed in a natural aquarium.

We spent close to one of the attractions of the area, a Big Rock whose shape looks like a monkey head.

Once arrived at our destination, we will enter a natural mountain cavern that has taken years to build.

As we walk into the cavern, the mountain will lead us to a desolate and beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters, inviting us to swim or snorkeling to discover the beauty of sea life living there.

1st Point

Pelonas Island

Island in front of coco beach with calm and clear waters, it’s a great tourist attraction, especially for snorkeling 

2nd Point

Monkey Head

It’s a big rock whose shape looks like a monkey head, same as king kong head

3rd Point

Palmares Island

This is an island located in the Gulf of Papagayo, with crystal clear waters and a variety of colorful tropical fish and marine fauna

4rd Point

Playa Huevos

Is a pristine white sand beach with calm waters, where we see 2 natural caves that pierce the mountain to the sea and the beach where you can live the experience of walking into them